Who, What, Why

Our experiences become the stories each of us have to tell.  We are molded by the places we live in as well as the places we travel to, and our histories shape us.  Every day continues to reshape us and give us further opportunities for growth, in individual ways and in the ways we connect.  My intention is always connection.  Connecting us to ourselves, to each other, and to the space that we occupy on this great big spinning ball, and all that truly matters.

 I am deeply rooted on eight acres “and some perch” in the beautiful Cumberland Valley; land that has been in my family for eight generations and is a fraction of what we once owned.  I will always be at home on this little hill overlooking the South Central Pennsylvania countryside, even if I venture away from it from time to time.  I have inherited a love of my history from my ancestors, as well as a deep need for travel and exploration.  In the words of Walt Whitman, “I am large. I contain multitudes.” 

 I am always changing.  Discovering. Learning.  And I hope that you will be inspired by what you find here.

Tawnya taking a photo of a sunset over a field of grass.

Important Things

hiking  /  drinking enough water  /  road trips (planning them just as much as actually taking them!)  /  sunrises and sunsets  /  The Back Four   /  wide open spaces  /  metaphors  /  watching the birds in my yard  /  books