T. Wagner Studios is a space for stories,
and I am the vessel for sharing them.

A selfie of Tawnya on her travels. She is standing in front of a rocky sea cliff..

Welcome, I’m Tawyna.

Photographer, Traveler, Storyteller.

As a documentary photographer, I don’t have a niche.  There is not one specific type of photography that appeals to me, as life is full of people, places, and experiences worth capturing. I am a storyteller at heart, and am always looking to share them, be they mine, or those of others.  Because all of our stories matter.

Stories from, and inspired by, the road

Malibu, CA – The Sunset – November 2021

Malibu, CA – The Sunset – November 2021

Malibu wasn't a destination on this trip last November, but it was a convenient spot well outside of the thick and heavy Los Angeles air that provided the opportunity to find a bite to eat, as well as being the perfect place to take a deep breath and settle into the...

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Badlands National Park: Part 2 – Badlands Loop Road

Badlands National Park: Part 2 – Badlands Loop Road

Badlands National Park is over 240,000 acres of some of the most fascinating stretch of terrain I've seen in this country. Created by both deposition and erosion, comprised of sharply eroded buttes, striking pinnacles and deep gorges, as well as the largest...

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My Favorites

Favorite trails: – Surprise and Amphitheater Lakes Trail, Grand Teton National Park / Buck Ridge Trail, PA. 

Favorite National Parks: – Grand Teton National Park / Joshua Tree National Park.

Favorite Beach: – Ocracoke Island, Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Favorite Hike: – Tunnel Springs Loop, New Mexico June 2021 – this one will probably always top my list no matter where I end up hiking in the future.

Sea cliffs in the morning mist.